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Seamless Point-of-Sale functionality is essential for retail businesses, as any downtime can lead to increased costs and reduced profit margins. The Posiflex Haydn ZT series represents a groundbreaking line of POS terminals with an innovative design concept, featuring an industry-first clamshell opening. This design reimagines the traditional mechanical form factor with a more intelligent and customer-centric approach. With its convenient one-touch open function, daily operations, routine maintenance, and upgrades have never been quicker and simpler!


Help Your Business Succeed

Raise Total Business

Increase in

in Downtime*

* Compare ZT series to traditional POS terminals


Learn how our POS terminal can significantly boost your overall business efficiency by improving maintenance effectiveness and minimizing downtime. This flyer offers you a comprehensive introduction to the industry's groundbreaking innovation: the industry's first clamshell POS Terminal, the Haydn ZT Series.

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Product Features

The industry-first
clamshell design

The hood-like design enables
faster, easier maintenance

Hidden I/O ports

The versatile I/O is hidden with
more secure data protection

Secure USB port

Prevent any untrusted device
from connecting to the USB port

IP44 protection

Tested to withstand for
hardened environments

Screw-less and
smodular design

The patented screwless and modular design are easy for maintenance.

Hidden adapter

For space saving and
better table management


Haydn ZT Series


Redifine POSsibility

ZT-3115 Learn More Get Quote


Smoother Business Operations

ZT-3116 Learn More Get Quote


Raise Total Business Efficiency

ZT-3715 Learn More Get Quote


Secured, Built to Last

ZT-3716 Learn More Get Quote


LM/TM 5011

LM/TM 5011

10.1" rear-mount LCD display (without or with PCAP with optional built in 2D scanner)



10.1" rear-mount LCD display (without or with PCAP with optional built in 2D scanner)



Side Attachment with MSR

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